In this video, Dr Bhagyesh Kulkarni explained: “Truths & Facts about Dr Dixit Diet Plan” with scientific backup, research and clinical experiences. Also, Dr Bhagyesh KuIkarni shared some important findings regarding 2 meal plan along [More]
What should one do about obesity? Though a growing menace, very little is known about excess weight and its harmful effects, including gynecologic malignancy. Dr. Jagannath Dixit, of ‘The Dixit Diet’ fame, is a professor [More]
Talk on ‘Effortless weight loss and diabetes prevention’ by Dr. Jagannath Dixit on Saturday, 8th December 2018. This talk is a part of Winter School on β€˜Traditional Medicine and Integrative Health’, organized by Interdisciplinary School [More]
Dr Dixit Diet vs Rujuta Diwekar Diet | Can Diabetes people eat mangoes in HINDI This video is about confusion between rujuta diwekar diet Vs dr dixit diet you can say its like rujuta diwekar [More]
NOTE FROM TED: Please do not look to this talk for medical advice. This talk only represents the speaker’s personal views and understanding of lifestyle, diet, and disease. We’ve flagged this talk because it falls [More]
Suggested by Dr Pramod Tripathi, Founder, Freedom From Diabetes (FFD) Research Foundation. Dr Pramod Tripathi is the founder of an organization called FREEDOM FROM DIABETES (FFD) based in Pune, India. In the last 5 years, [More]